Welcome to ArabyAds!

ArabyAds, part of M&K Internet Group, launched in late 2013, as a  private affiliate network in the MENA region, leveraging the experience of its founder & team in performance advertising space, to offer a solution for both merchants seeking performance campaigns on Display and Affiliates looking for CPA campaigns. Merchants are increasingly looking for ways to generate a better ROI on their online marketing budgets and what better way to do so than performance advertising using the Affiliate Channel. On the other hand, Affiliates are always on the lookout for new ways to make more money and what could be a better way than to run high converting affiliate programs.

Our headquarter is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Our operational offices is in Cairo, Egypt and Manila, Philippines.

We don’t claim, but aim to be the leading private affiliate network in MENA.

The Stakeholders

NETWORK: We connect the dots, that is what we do as a network, we are the main stakeholder, yet the most two important ones are from one end the Merchant, on the other end the Affiliate, we work on bringing them close together via our platform for a successful win-win-win relationship

MERCHANT: In other context known as an Advertiser, the goal of a Merchant is running cost-efficient digital advertising campaigns based on results.

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AFFILIATE: In other content known as a Publisher, the goal of a Publisher is increasing their revenues by running performance driven campaigns.

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Working with us

We leverage our experience in performance advertising to build a successful display affiliate network in MENA that serves both Merchants & Affiliates regionally & internationally, equally by giving them both the attention needed to reach their goals.

Our Affiliates are not normal publishers, they are selected carefully and are considered experts in their field, we work hand in hand to achieve a common goal.

Our Merchants are from different niches, they join our network for our reputation in managing and building successful affiliate programs that yields results.

Want to be part of our growing team

We are currently recruiting, if you think you can add value to us, please send us your updated CV to with the subject line: New Hero