We work towards a specific ROI determined by you and we continuously work in optimizing towards achieving your goals via our efficient means and reaping the benefits of performance to grow your business via a trusted & quality performance partner while you take care of the rest of your business peacefully.

Our Approach


Our internal professional and expert team plays the role of affiliates, in a controlled environment and fast turn around. The internal team boost the performance of campaigns significantly because of the learning curve from various campaigns we ran previously.


The external affiliates are qualified to be part of the private affiliate network due to the filtering process that they go through before they are allowed to join and start promoting an affiliate program.

Our Solutions

Lead Generation


    • CPL (Cost per Lead): Looking to increase your user base, through registrations, subscriptions, sign ups, or any other lead type, then this is the matching solution for your case.
      • Use display to increase leads
      • Pay only for validated leads
      • Use various targeting features
      • Report on important metrics



    • CCPD (Cost per Download): Looking to increase your downloads, through a free version, limited time promotion, or your updated version, then this is the matching solution for your case.
      • Use display to increase downloads
      • Pay only for real downloads
      • Use various targeting features
      • Report on important metrics


  •        CPS (Cost per Sale): Looking to increase your sales, through your discount season, coupons, vouchers, or any day of the year, then this is the matching solution for your case.
  • Generate online sales on Display
  • Pay for valid sales only
  • Drive incremental sales
  • Increase the average basket value


Our Advantages

Increased ROI
Only pay for Performance, using CPA models, rather than CPC or CPM models, as well as enhance your lead & sales quality.

Identify & test new markets
Test offers and creative, optimising for better marketing efforts, if you want to try out your campaign in new countries or offer a new promotion.
Lower customer acquisition costs
Maximised user acquisition through a diversified approach of delivery, using various channels adopted by Affiliates, this allows you to discover a lot.
Open Doors
Create opportunities for new partnerships & explore possible collaborations, finding a new door that you may have not thought of previously.
Butterfly effect
Create indirectly brand awareness, brand recognition, and brand loyalty, this is all free brand exposure and a nice side benefit of affiliate marketing.


Our Tracking

We use state-of-the-art technology for setting up, tracking, and analysing your affiliate program. Using flexible pricing models, different targeting options, conversion measurement, real time statistics, fraud detection, and 99.99% up tracking time. We offer a self-serve interface for reporting and monitoring your affiliate program.
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